Wedding Day Timeline

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Constructing your wedding day timeline can be a stressful, and overwhelming process. Where should cake cutting go? How much time do we really need for photos? What time should we start the day? These are all completely normal questions, that I am happy to help with in any way possible. 

Getting Ready

The first step to figuring out the timing for the start of your day is setting the hair and makeup start time. To find out how much time you need, chat with your artist. The length of time they will need varies, and completely depends on how many artists/people requiring their services. I arrive within the last 2-3 hours of prep, that gives me enough time to capture everything while leaving you some down time before the whirlwind starts. 

From there, plan to be getting dressed an hour before you need to leave for the ceremony. This gives us enough time to perform those final touches without it being a stressful occasion. It also leaves us a little buffer time in case things run late. 


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How long does it take?

There are so many moving pieces that go into a wedding day, let's talk about how much time to set aside. 

Receiving Line 

Receiving lines are a great way to greet your guests 

Family Photos

How often do have everyone in one place, looking really pretty? Family photographs are a super important part of any wedding day. While I do work as quickly as possible (I affectionately refer to it as herding cats), they do take time. When creating your list of family photographs, keep the allotted time in mind. Estimate 3-5 minutes per family grouping, some will take more, some will take less. 

To keep family photos moving as fast as possible, I recommend doing them immediately after the ceremony. If you are doing a first look, and want to do your family photographs ahead of time, we can do immediate family beforehand. If you are interested in extended family photographs, they work best right after the ceremony. Please let everyone who needs to be there know in advance, and put someone in charge of wrangling them into the photo area. 

Sparkler Images

With the rise of Pinterest, sparkler photographs and exits are all the rage. They are such a pretty way to end the evening and can make for some gorgeous shots. They do however, come with their own set of logistics. 

Please leave a minimum of 20 minutes to arrange a sparkler exit. It takes time to arrange everyone safely, and to light up all of the sparklers. To expedite the process, please ensure either you or your venue has multiple lighters (I suggest the long barbecue lighters). The long, smokeless sparklers designed for weddings work far better than the short, traditional ones. 

* Please note: lighted exits can be a beautiful way to end your night. While Pinterest makes floating lanterns look like something out of a dream, due to their illegal nature in NY (along with the majority of the country) I do not photograph their use. They have caused forest fires, severely damaged buildings, and injured both people and animals. I am happy to recommend some alternative exits that are legal and safe for both you, and the surrounding areas.