2018 - Year In Review

Dearest 2018,

You were full of over-the-top joy, sentimental tears, stellar dance moves, and the very best of moments. There were brides in swimming pools, spins around the Sabre’s arena, the world’s most perfect snow, and grandma’s that love to taste-test the frosting. There were grandfathers that made the whole room cry and dog ring bearers that caused a collective “aw” down the aisle. Most of all, you will full of extraordinary people.

To my 2018 Clients – Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Thank you for living your wedding story in front of my lens, and being unapologetically yourselves. Thank you for letting me into your moments and your weirdness. Thanks for the sweaty hugs and braving the cold/heat/swarms of bugs. Thank you for making 2018 the best year yet.

I cannot wait to see what next year brings.
Love always,

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