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Brittany and Katie – A Joyful Avon Century Barn Wedding, Avon NY

What started over a mutual love of T-swift blossomed into the warm and loving relationship that is Brittany and Katie. They have this ease around each other; you can tell they are each other’s perfect compliment. They simply want to enjoy all that life has to offer — and their wedding was no exception to that.

We started the day with each of their wonderful families. Katie’s loved ones were taking some of the last moments in their home before they move (her mother always dreamed of Katie walking down those stairs in her wedding dress) while Brittany was surrounded by the excitement of her many siblings. From Katie’s parents’ reactions to seeing her as a bride to Brittany’s sweet moments with her son, they were mornings to remember. Even the wall-of-water rain outside couldn’t dim their excitement for even a minute.

After a joyful first look (and the rain finally giving way to streaming sunshine), Brittany and Katie beamed their whole way down the aisle for their sentimental ceremony. After exchanging heartfelt vows and beautiful wings, they danced their right back up the aisle to some, you guessed it, T-swift.

That joy and outpouring of love was only the start; it went nothing but up from there for their reception. Amid magnificent toasts, a flash mob, extraordinary food (shout out to the best caterer ever) and some stellar dances moves, they celebrated the night away. There wasn’t a soul in the room that wasn’t over-the-top thrilled for these two wonderful people.



Makeup – Silvana Kita
Hair – K Salon
Florist – Wisteria Floral and Gifts
Venue – Avon Century Barn
Catering – Partyman Catering



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