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Chris and Carolyn – Romantic Brierwood Country Club Wedding Photos, Hamburg NY

To know Chris and Carolyn is to understand how extraordinarily warm and kind they are. They greet strangers with hugs and beaming grins and greet loved ones with all the love you could imagine. I first met them a few months after moving to Buffalo almost a little over 4 years ago and even then, I could tell how right Carolyn and Chris were for each other. They just have that indescribable thing — they simply make sense.

Knowing their lives together (filled with board and video games, fandoms, books, and their cat Liz), I knew their wedding was going to be something special. Boy, did it not disappoint.

The day started with quiet moments with their dearest humans (sadly, Liz the cat could not attend) in gorgeous pools of light. Clearly, even Mother Nature knew how special they are; it was the first beautiful Buffalo day this year. After buttons were done, and bowties were tied, we made our way downstairs for their ceremony.

We started the walk down the aisle in tears, as Chris was wholly overcome with how thrilled he was to have Carolyn to spend his life with (we were all crying, mascara everywhere). Those soon turned into laughter, as Chris and Carolyn were married in such a unique and sentimental ceremony befitting of who they are together.¬†They sealed their vows with a kiss and grinned back down the aisle and into the beaming sun for their portraits. We cried laughing (“bonus points if you make Chris laugh” somehow turned into everyone petting his face), and basked in their excitement over finally being married.

That excitement only increased as we moved onto their reception. We toasted, we danced, we celebrated the crap out of two extraordinary humans that deserve the world.

Congratulations you two! Thank you for being such bright lights in the world. It was truly an honor to photograph your wedding day and is nothing but a joy having you as friends. This is just the start of your wonderful story.



Hair and Makeup – Elle Salon South
Flowers – Wegmans
Venue – Brierwood Country Club




  • Christopher Russell

    These look AMAZING!! I am truly speechless. Thank you so much for helping us preserve some of the awesome memories for our wedding!

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