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Courtney and Mike – Columns Banquets Wedding Photos, Buffalo NY

Courtney, Mike and I first met at Mike’s sister’s wedding last year (there was a suit vest without a shirt and a selfie, it was a whole funny thing). From the second I met them, it was so clear how much fun they have together. From cheering each other on at crossfit, to tearing up every dance floor they find, they make life an adventure wherever they go.

That joy that they carry with them was nothing but amplified on their wedding day. We spent the morning with Courtney’s best humans. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room while Courtney’s dress was buttoned. The whole place was so thrilled about these two.

After taking a minute for a sweet first look, we made our way over to Burchfield Nature Center for their portraits. They grinned their way through the park and right on into their sweet ceremony.

Surrounded by their dearest humans, Courtney and Mike exchanged vows and rings amid beaming smiles and laughs. Even the sun knew how special these two are; it came out in full force as soon as Courtney appeared at the end of the aisle.

They danced their way back down the aisle and into their reception, where the party only went up from there. There were toasts filled with eyes-closed laughter, sweet formal dances, a T-rex that came to break it down, and some of the best dance moves I’ve seen in a while. The whole day was so perfectly Courtney and Mike, and it could not have been a more fun day for two better humans.

Cheers, you two! You’re the vest best!


Hair – Gabe Carter
Dress – Dailas Bridal
Florist – Cara’s Bouquets
Venue – The Columns Banquets
DJ – Premier Sound
Cake – Muscoreils



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