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Cristina and Jesse – An Offbeat, Pearl at the Webb Wedding, Buffalo NY

From the very second I received Cristina’s first email (there was definitely something about crying in there), I knew we were going to be the perfect fit. She and Jesse live in Boston, so they made the trip into the studio to meet up when they were in town. We all talked for over an hour, and little of it was related to weddings (85% of it was puppies and social justice). My abs were sore from laughing, and my heart was full. Cristina and Jesse just make sense. You look at them together, and you can feel how at home they are with one another. For their wedding day, they really just wanted to celebrate and have a good time. They left the fuss at the door and lived in every single moment of it.

The morning started with dancing to Lizzo (my people), hysterical laughter, and intermittent tears (there has never been a cuter reaction to seeing wedding flowers). It was an afternoon full of sweet moments, heirloom details, and just the right about of quirky details. As I said, Cristina and Jesse are not into things for the sake of “this is what a wedding is supposed to be.” They met working a campaign, so they skipped boutonnieres altogether and opted for custom wedding campaign buttons. Everything was so personal and full of sentiment. After dresses and suits were put on, all of the finishing touches came together, and Cristina and Jesse took a moment together (my favorite kind of first look, all about the couple taking a hot second to breathe), we made our way over to their old apartment building for portraits.

When couples come to me asking about photo locations, I always say to choose a place that means something to them. Cristina and Jesse did just that — they spent the start of their relationship in that place (there was a story involving a bench nap in the courtyard, it sounds like a wild ride). We popped some champagne and swung by Sheas 710 before heading over to the Webb for their ceremony

. As the rest of their wedding day was, their ceremony was filled to the brim with sentiment. There were tears (lol we love you Cristina), and lots of eyes-closed laughter. It was the perfect testament to two extraordinary humans taking the next step in their lives together. They grinned their way down the aisle, and into their fantastic reception.

Amid heartfelt toasts, sweet formal dances, and a jam-packed dance floor, we celebrated Cristina and Jesse. Every person there could feel every bit of joy; their love was contagious. They drank The Webb out of glasses (goals), and danced the whole night away.

Cheers you two, you are nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you for being completely yourselves in front of my camera, and for welcoming me into your lives with such open arms. You’re the very best!



Hair – Glam in the 716 (Tori Shouldice), Katie Wilson
Makeup – Makeup Buffalo
Florist – Heriloom Soul Florals
Venue – Pearl at the Webb
DJ – Toy Bros (Mike, the best!)



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