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Diana and Scott – An Emotion-Filled Park Country Club Wedding, Buffalo NY

If you have ever met Diana and Scott for even a minute, then you know how much they are each other’s perfect balance. They are the definition of finding your match in another person; you look at them, and they just make sense. This was clear from the moment that they entered my studio and we talked for an hour (with very little being about wedding planning in the best possible way). That feeling was even more solidified at their at-home engagement session, where we drank beer and wandered around their neighborhood while laughing our butts off. I knew their wedding would be special, and oh boy did it surpass even those high expectations.

Now, I should start this off with the fact that I left my house to a loud clap of thunder and easily 80% humidity, it poured the whole way to the venue; I was so sad for Diana and Scott to miss out on the beautiful July sun. The amount of sad that Diana was when I saw her that morning? Zero. Nothing could take her off of the cloud she was on; she cared about nothing but marrying her best friend. We toasted with champagne and the best egg sandwiches, and the excitement in the room was palpable. We danced it out, surrounded by the beautiful details that Diana carefully chose, and the anticipation only increased as those final touches were done.

Diana is extremely close to her parents, so it was essential to take a moment with her dad before the whole day began (definitely skip over those photos and that gif if you don’t want to tear up today). After some sweet words and a lifetime’s worth of love in a single hug, we made our way downstairs for Diana and Scott’s first look.

If you really don’t want to cry, it’s time to skip ahead to the party, because there was not a dry eye in the whole room. Scott was blown away by seeing his person as a bride for the first time, and Diana was overwhelmed with joy. Tears were wiped, words of adoration were exchanged, and we made our way out to beat the storm for portraits with some of the sweetest wedding party members I have ever met.

We missed the downpour by less than 5 minutes, but not even the lightning could put a damper on the joy during their ceremony. Between eyes-closed laugher (and plenty of tears), Diana and Scott exchanged their vows surrounded by the humans that they love most in the world. They danced their way back down the aisle and into the bright sun that finally made an appearance.

On a typical day, the humidity might hinder an outdoor dance floor. However, this was anything but a normal day. They toasted, they danced, they drank delicious local beers, and that dance floor was not empty for even a moment until their night ended. They were celebrated until the very last moment, with their loved ones cheering through a grand kiss surrounded by sparklers.

Diana and Scott – You two are magnificent, and it has been nothing but an absolute honor to be a part of your lives. Thank you for grinning through the humidity and for living in every single moment of it. Congratulations again, you are the very best!



Venue: The Park Country Club
Hair: Evelina Natoli
Makeup: Brianna Ronan Beauty
Dress: Mori Lee
Invitations: Viri Lovely Designs
Florist: Floral Accents
Rings: Barbara Oliver Jewelry
Cake: Dessert Deli
Officiant: Mary Beth Wollenschlager
DJ: H+H Entertainment



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