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Meg and Nate – A Puppy-Filled, At-Home Engagement Session, Buffalo NY

Meg and Nate are the kind of people that you meet and immediately¬†are left with a sense of ease. They are clearly entirely at home with each other; it’s the kind of easy love that songs are written about. They wanted their engagement session to show what their lives are like together, so they opted for at-home engagement photos. With the addition of their goldendoodle, Waldo, that is equal parts affection and enthusiasm; it made for a wonderful afternoon.

They drank champagne and danced in their kitchen, took a walk to their favorite neighborhood coffee shop, and snuggled on their couch with the occasional cameo from Waldo (dogs ignore all concepts of personal space, our space is their space). They laughed the whole way through, and it was the perfect representation of their little family.

Cheers you two! I cannot wait for your wedding day.



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