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Natalie and Kory – Hotel Lafayette Wedding Photos, Buffalo NY

The first time I met Natalie and Kory, we were talking for at least half an hour before realizing we hadn’t spent more than a minute talking about their actual wedding (my LI accent came back out, it was a thing). They are the very best combination of warm, funny, and absolutely in love with each other. We danced around in the sun last summer at their engagement session, and I’ve been so looking forward to their wedding ever since (spoiler alert: it lived up to every expectation and beyond)

We started the morning at Hotel Lafayette, where Natalie was surrounded by so much laughter, joy, and my beloved Long Island accents. Natalie picked out the most magnificent and heartfelt details, from her unique dress to the buttons made of her grandmother’s dress to her jewelry and everything in between. It was all perfect. After a whole lot of buttons, and the sweetest moments with Natalie’s dad, we made our way over to the History Museum to see Kory. 

Now, if you think Natalie’s dad’s reaction was beautiful, wait until you see Kory’s. They laughed, they cried, they took the loveliest of moments together before the rest of the day started. Those grins only went up from there when their equally wonderful wedding party joined us. 

After twirling in the sun, we joined the rest of their guests for the ceremony. Natalie and Kory exchanged heartfelt vows and rings with all of the people that they love the most watching on. After a sweeping kiss and a resounding cheer, Natalie and Kory danced their way back down the aisle and into their reception. 

Amid the humans they love the most, toasts that were equally heartwarming and funny, and some of the best dance moves out there, Natalie and Kory celebrated the heck out of their night. It was a day to remember from beginning to end, and it could have been a more fitting day for two extraordinary humans. 

Natalie and Kory – Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for living in every single moment of your wedding day and welcoming me in with open arms (and bagels!). You two are the very best, congratulations!



Hair and Makeup – Blush 716
Dress – Goddess by Nature
Florist – Maureen’s Wholesale Market
Venue – Hotel at the Lafayette
DJ – Whirlin Disc



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