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Sarah – Body Love Boudoir Photos, Buffalo NY

“I’m tired of the bullshit and I don’t have to know your story to know that you’re tired of the bullshit, too. It’s so hard loving yourself in a world that doesn’t love you back. So I want to take this opportunity right now to just feel good as hell because you deserve to feel good as hell.” – Lizzo

From the very second, you meet Sarah; you instantly feel lighter. She has this self-assurance about her that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. Sarah is an extraordinarily talented human who is breaking through glass ceilings only to reach her hand down and lift the next woman up.

Photographing her was nothing but an absolute joy — we danced (Sarah won all dance-offs), we sang, we celebrated the heck out of every inch of her. Her joy and confidence are infectious, and it lit up the whole room. If there were more Sarah’s in the world, it would be a much brighter place.

Cheers dear, can we do this every weekend?



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