Dance Studio Branding

Dance Studio Branding

There's a running joke among dance instructors about leaving their studio door with a grand jeté and landing on another dance studio. While it may be a bit of hyperbole, there are countless dance studios in any given area. How do you set yourself apart from all of the rest? 

I am sure you can absolutely talk at length about the instruction your students receive, and the community you have worked so hard to build. It is something you are passionate about, or you would not be pouring your time into your business. Your students already know it, but are you effectively showcasing that to potential students and company members? 

It is the way your students congratulate each other after a great performance, or comfort their competitors after disappointing scores. It's

This is where dance branding comes into play. Dance branding is about communicating what makes your studio or company special. We all have loads of pictures that demonstrate the technique that you teach, but your studio is about so much more than just dance. You cultivate a community, teach teamwork and perseverance, and push your students to grow as people.


Frequently Asked Questions

So what is dance branding?

Dance branding is using documentary images to showcase what it feels like to actually attend your studio. It is how much fun your students have together, and how hard they work to achieve their goals. It's showing the support system you have built, and the way your instructors work with students. This will allow prospective students to truly understand how special your studio is. 

How is this different that our annual picture day or competition pictures?