Frequently Unasked Questions - Boudoir

Frequently Unasked Questions

Planning a boudoir session can be so overwhelming and out of the comfort zones of most womxn. You can get lost in questions to ask, or might be too nervous to ask others. While you should never be afraid to ask me any questions you possibly have (that's what I'm here for), here are a few that you might be thinking of or that I wish you would be.

How will I feel after my session?

Boudoir has the unique ability to reframe the way we see ourselves. You are queen/goddess/badass womxn in the skin you are in right now, but it's so very easy to lose sight of that. Boudoir lets you see yourself through someone else's eyes, and it removes that layer of "not enough" and enables you to celebrate exactly who you are.

That feeling stays with you even after your session is finished, and if you ever have a day where you might be struggling with self-love (as we all do), you can pull out those images and bring yourself back to that feeling of empowerment.

How is this different than every other boudoir session?

Boudoir photography defined as a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a photographic studio, bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and romantic partners.

I want your session to be so much more than that. It will empower you and be a celebration of exactly who you are in this moment. Whether you're still on your journey of self-acceptance, or you have already arrived at "screw it, I love myself," I want to photograph you. You can wear what you want, and we can work on how you want to be photographed. You can rock 5-inch heels and strappy lingerie, or boy shorts and your favorite tee, or you can own it all in nothing but the skin you were born with. It's all up to you.

There is nothing like seeing a photo of yourself and saying “Holy shit, that’s me.” It doesn’t matter what you are wearing (or not wearing) it’s about you.

Why do you love boudoir photography?

I have had a lifelong battle with body-image that ranged from full-fledged eating disorders to just feeling like general crap about myself.

As I have gotten older, I've started to feel differently about my own skin. My legs are larger than they have ever been before, but they can also squat my body weight. My arms might be softer than they used to be, but they can catch my 50 pounds of solid muscle dog that comes barreling down the hallway straight into them. Those little things that I used to be uncomfortable with have now become my favorite things about myself. My small eyes that I used to spend far too long trying to make look bigger each morning are the feature that ties my siblings and me together. My pale skin that has its fair share of dimples makes me unique.

Boudoir used to be only about showing one very narrow definition of sexy. It involved elaborate outfits and women contorted into positions that only showcase a woman's assets, not who she was. That is not at all what I want to do for womxn.

Boudoir can be an act of self-love and a stepping stone on the way to acceptance. All women are sexy, and we all have the capability to feel empowered and at home in our own bodies. I would to be even the tiniest step on that journey for you.

All womxn are sexy, and we all have the capability to be at home in our own bodies. We are all beautiful and full of inner strength, regardless of whether or not we fit into the current mainstream definition of beauty. I would love to be even the tiniest step on that journey for you.

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